Song Remains the Same - Alex Winchester + Castiel

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    Still laughing at me and my brother’s facebook comment convo from a couple weeks back…

    Still laughing at me and my brother’s facebook comment convo from a couple weeks back…

    Anonymous said: Will demon dean be included in SRS?


    Anonymous said: What are your thoughts on Dean being Ben's dad? Do you think Lisa just lied to him about not being Ben's dad because she was worried that Ben might become a target of the supernatural?

    I don’t know if Dean is Ben’s father or not, but Ben definitely doesn’t have a DAD. He did in Dean for a year, but that was it, sadly. See, in my eyes, it takes a lot to make a man into a real dad. Just helping create a baby doesn’t truly make someone a parent, if you catch my drift. It’s the hours invested and the love spent and the sacrifices made.

    That being said, Lisa couldn’t know Dean wasn’t the father unless she had specific proof that another man was or if she hadn’t slept with anyone else but Dean around that time, etc. She might not know, herself, honestly, if Dean is the father or not. Unless she had some of Dean’s DNA for a paternity test, I don’t know if she could prove it or not if there were doubts about who the father was. I don’t even remember if Lisa knew about Supernatural stuff or not, but if that had been the case, I think Lisa wouldn’t have let Dean stay with her/Ben in s6 for the same reasons. More than any other possibility, she was probably like “I’ll do this myself” because she didn’t want to take a chance on getting with a guy she’d only known for one night/weekend of sex as a life partner and father of her kid. With all this in consideration, I really feel like Lisa would have told him once and for all during season 6 if Dean really WAS Ben’s biological father.

    I don’t foresee Ben/Lisa coming back into the SRS storyline as there will be plenty of other drama for Dean to deal with in, ahem, specific areas… ;) I sometimes wonder if Ben will show back up in SPN. That could be interesting! Who knows… only time will tell!

    or maybe never really leaving at all…

    or maybe never really leaving at all…

    Anonymous said: I really loved the fluffiness of this chapter. cas and alex dancing was seriously the cutest thing I've ever read. SRS has been pretty dark so its nice to see a lighter side of my favorite pair.






    Anonymous said: I love crazy!cas hahah, I like that you added your own things as well. And how he kept talking about making love to alex hahah, still it's sad tho, I feel bad for alex!

    It’s weird, right? How can he be so sweet and funny yet sad and heartbreaking at the same time?

    Anonymous said: ughhh calex... it's like i either need them to be tender and whispering sweet nothings to each other as they are so gentle in bed with each other or i need them to be tearing apart and destroying the room where they are and ripping clothes off and doing it so hard they cause an earthquake? #naughty

    Oh my, naughty indeed <3

    Anonymous said: Why/How did you chose Mackenzie Foy as Young Alex?

    She looked like she could play Colin Ford’s sister, has similar features to Astrid, and I like her soulful little face.

    Anonymous said: So you're definitely not going to include season 10 in the story :( ??

    Elements of it, maybe.. you’ll see…

    sweet-christabel said: The best friend thing! So very cute. I'm dead :D

    I know. Send help.

    Anonymous said: what kind of music do you think cas would listen to? I always picture classical, but I wonder if he'd like anything else.

    In Chapter 19, it’s established that he enjoys classical. I think he might also enjoy 20s-50s music because it had a very endearing simplicity to the lyrics and melodies. I also think whatever the Winchesters like, he’ll like too. But I could totally see him liking sappy 70s love ballads for whatever reason.

    Anonymous said: "I've lost him so many times" omg don't toUCH ME! THIS IS SO SAD :(

    And sadly, it’s not the last, is it…