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Hi, random reader here! I hope you are having a better week! I had a quick question, would Alex ever get any more tattoos? Your Dean + Jaime tattoo plot had me wondering about Alex and if she was the type of person to get a tattoo to remember something (like maybe for Lily??) Thanks so much.

Thanks :) no, Alex is not very into tattoos or body art. It’s not her thing!!

Anonymous asked:
Could you please tell me Where you get all your brilliant quotes for the being of the chapters?Is their a website?

Personal collection of quotes and song lyrics I’ve collected over time. And sometimes google.


The angel of The Lord.  10/14/14


The angel of The Lord.

I normally wouldn’t post this kind of thing but the past couple days have been *horrible* and I would appreciate any thoughts/prayers/desserts you could send along.

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ha! saw this gif and thought of Calex!son's quick save 38(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/e5431492f1463984dda61692e5acb6e4/tumblr_nbhsa5WqPI1sc6eqeo2_250(.)gif



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So, I love your story as much as I love pie and that's a lot. Question/prediction… does Alex get pregnant in Purgatory????


Anonymous asked:
Do Cas and Alex get any "alone time" in purgatory?

The quotation marks make me wonder if your question has a double meaning……

Anonymous asked:
Is the episode hunteri heroici going to happen in srs? 'Cause Cas is just adorable in that episode!

Umm, sorta… but not totally? You’ll see.

Anonymous asked:
What is Alex's middle name?

Elizabeth, after a grandmother or great grandmother (can’t remember at the moment).

Anonymous asked:
what do you think happened to John in show? (Ash mentioned not finding him in heaven) will he make any more appearances in SRS, maybe to clarify the conversation with Alex when she was dead? also I kind of want to see a John who is totally aware of his actions towards his kids having to face Castiel in some way

No telling what happened to him in the show, but we haven’t seen the last of him in SRS! Currently, he’s in Hell.


Ok fine, you win. John was an asshole

Anonymous asked:
Which did you start writing first? Song Remains The Same or The Family Business?

I started writing SRS first. Family business came about 8 months later!

itssnowinginthetardis asked:
Why did you decide to make Alex Sam's twin? Why not in the middle of the boys? Why not younger than both of them?

Good question! I thought a lot about birth order when I was planning. Sam already acts like a textbook example of The Middle Child in the show and I wanted Alex to be the baby of the family. If I decided to add her as a third child and separate pregnancy, that would mean I would have ignored the Azazel plot line or butchered it up somehow and that just wouldn’t do. Also I just love twins. Haha. There is something special about them.

Anonymous asked:
hey am i going crazy or did you write a calex high school au thing?? like a really short drabble or something??? please ignore this is you have no idea what i'm talking about sorry

You’re not going crazy! It’s right here.

Anonymous asked:
Could you do a quick summary of Jamie's backstory?

Jamie was born into a very rich estate-inheriting family. Mother was an alcoholic socialite who viewed her kids as annoyances mostly and either paid them no attention (handed them off to the nanny) or in Jamie’s case, ridiculed her every last trait and demanded she pursue ballet as a career, play violin, learn French, etc etc. Her dad was a doctor and was rarely there and didn’t have much interest in his kids either. At twelve Jamie’s mom killed the father in a fit of psychotic rage and Jamie/Glen were put into their uncle’s custody. He was a hunter and he was basically a heart-of-gold guy. He settled them in Arizona and scaled back on hunting to raise the kids but he did teach them what he knew and allow them the option of hunting if they wanted. Jamie got to be herself finally—she did soccer and karate, dropped ballet, and basically became happy for the first time in life. When she was 17 or 18, her uncle died on a hunt she and Glen were along for. She blamed herself and raised her brother the rest of the way. She stayed in hunting because she really liked helping people and didn’t have much worth as a person otherwise. She fell in love with a man named Jake in the years that came, but he turned out to be a demon who lured her into a deal to jumpstart the Apocalypse. She basically has had a pretty depressing life and has lost everyone to either mental illness or death. #andnowimsad