Song Remains the Same - Alex Winchester + Castiel

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    What lengths is Castiel going to go to, to survive this upcoming season? [x]

    this is so incredibly sad. oh Castiel…

    I say again: I MISS THEM

    I say again: I MISS THEM

    Anonymous said: Season 9 I can see you having to much fun with. Tell me: human cas and alex fluff?

    So much of it. SO MUCH. After all the sadness and angst, we deserve some fluffy season 5-esque cuteness again!

    Anonymous said: Anything spoilery that you can give us? Please?

    I’ll spoil you all day privately! haha but on anon I try not to say toooo much about future chapters. I think 89 will really surprise some people. It’s definitely got some feels.

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    Anonymous said: I was just wondering if we were going to have ANYTHING to make us feel better in the next chapter? My heart is having trouble after the last one.

    I don’t know how people will take 89. I think it will hurt. But it definitely gives some hope. And I’m excited about 90 & 91 :)

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    I miss them.

    I miss them.


    Hi honey.

    Anonymous said: is Lucifer coming back to srs? I really REALLY want to know PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE?

    I have the answer for you but I don’t want to spoil my anti-spoiler readers here on tumblr. Email me if you must know the answer and I shall tell you!

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    Anonymous said: daphne reminds me of my passive aggressive manipulative aunt by marriage. AKA, she causes me stress and i wish i had never met her

    I think we all know a Daphne… >_»»

    slasherfilmfanatic said: Could you please clarify why Alex didn't have a heaven at first?

    This is still a secret! It won’t be revealed for quite some time!

    Anonymous said: i remember in srs, that it was mentioned what we know about lucifer's plans was just a 'drop in the bucket'. can i ask you off anon what happened? im super curious, lol.

    You can ask me anything off anon! Email is best. Xo

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    Anonymous said: Are Aura and Hezion ever gonna come back into play in SRS, or are they just background characters?

    Pretty sure they will be back! Season 9, anyone?

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    Anonymous said: Is Sam ever gonna say anything to Alex/Dean or really anyone about the whole incest lucifer stuff?

    Not for a long time. He’s terrified of it and ashamed of it even though he doesn’t need to be.

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    Anonymous said: I find it a little bit funny; Alex is sister in law to Gabriel, Balthazar, Lucifer, and shit tone of other angels, and God's daughter in law XD okay I find that to be the funniest thing in the world

    How true this is!! Hahaha

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    Anonymous said: I just wanted you to know that every time I see the "next" button for a new chapter I get both ridiculously excited and scared at the same time. I also check for a new chapter every single day xD I LOVE SRS AND I LOVE YOU. O.O