Song Remains the Same - Alex Winchester + Castiel

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    Anonymous said: So out of the blue my younger sister became ill and today she has to go have an MRI and be examined by a neurologist. I'm absolutely terrified and I now truly understand Dean selling his soul to save Sam. There's nothing I wouldn't do to save my little sister.

    Thoughts and prayers with you and yours.

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    Interview for SpokenEnt.

    chapter 88: a summary 

    - BObby u sweetheart
    - dammit Daphne

    "ugh mom you watch that show with Sam and Dean and Castale and the weird looking lady too much"  - my son… who has seen my phone wallpapers and thinks Alex is an actual character on the show (*cries laughing*).

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    Anonymous said: I am not sure were the relationship with Zip is going, but I am hoping that he is going to be a friend to Alex rather that a possible enemy. I think that right now she just need someone to lean on that is not a part of the family. She will come back to Dean, Sam and all of them, but there are times were we just need to separate and focus on ourselves and that is what she need. These are just my thoughts though. Love the story and how you do not shy away from some very sensitive issues. Amazing!

    Thank you veryyyyy much! ^____^

    Anonymous said: I just what to say that Daphne is not a redeemable character. I always wondered about her in the show. And the way you write her works! So awesome job on that. But she is a manipulative person and cannot take no for answer. No means NO, and do not use God or any like that as an excuse for your own selfish gain or just to hurt someone Is is disgusting. You are doing awesome and thank you for taking care of some of those loose ends!

    I thought she had to be crazy when watching the show. I mean, who does what she did?! ahaha. Her crazy is just gettin’ started.

    Anonymous said: I hope castiel is a real angel who's really confused why humans are fantasizing about him

    OMG me too.

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    Anonymous said: I've been having a really rough week and I feel like I'm going to lose it. Your posts and SRS have been giving me little bursts of happiness (though Calex is killing at the moment). I want to thank you for that.

    Chin up beautiful :-) the good thing about these tough seasons is they pass. And the best reminder I tell myself all the time is that “this is not my life forever right now” — that and taking positive steps toward goals I want to accomplish! You’re gonna do great. Kick it in the ass.

    intendedtobe said: god I am so addicted to song remains the same. I need more.


    Anonymous said: I don't trust zip. Or maybe just jesse eisenberg.

    I wouldn’t trust ME if I were you. #MUAHAHA

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    Where do i go to fall from grace?

    "I have to learn from a damn piece of paper that you tried to end your own life?"  - Dean Winchester, chapter 88

    Anonymous said: You are a treasure. Bless yo face. That is all.

    Aw gosh.

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    Anonymous said: hi :D umm i just wanted to tell you that i really love your story and i admire your writing so much !! i think the way you understand the characters like dean and sam and are able to write them this realistic is amazing. Your original characters are also so so so great!! seriously i never would have thought that i'd like an oc as much as alex. also i wanted to ask have you ever published a book or do you write professionally?? cause i would defnitley read something you have written!!

    Hello and thank you anon ^_^ that is really sweet of you! The only things I have ever published were some poems and short stories in my college literary magazine and… ew. No. Hate that work of mine so much. I have ideas for original novels but who knows if I’ll ever tackle them or not!

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    Anonymous said: I love how u've gotten into the mind of Daphne, how she is justified in her behaviour coz she believes what is right. How did u think from her POV like that!? That is some powerful characterisation right there! And Zip... its amazing how I can literally hear Jesse Eisenberg speak when I'm reading Zip's parts! Also I think Zip is a Leviathan who is the sane one of the lot (coz Dick mentioned he was 'different') but I don't know if he was the one who rescued Alex...

    How do I think from her POV like that? Because most people believe that, especially younger/more naive people and children. That they are justified in their own beliefs and behaviors and have huge problems with being told they are wrong. Daphne represents to me people who lean heavily onto idealism instead of reality. The kind who take themselves out of reality almost in an effort to make their own opinions truer for themselves. Daphne is dangerous because she is so convinced she’s right and that makes her the boss, so to speak.

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